Fish and chips - gluten-free and back on the menu!

Fish and chips - gluten-free and back on the menu!

For years Britain’s favourite takeaway has been off limits for those suffering with coeliac disease. Well not anymore!

Residents of Yorkshire and Derbyshire can now start enjoying fish and chips - plus a host of other gluten-free delights - at the famous Woody’s Fish and Chip shops in Monk Bretton, Barnsley.
Woody’s use a new range of gluten-free batter mixes at their shop in Monk Bretton.


As well as fish and chips, coeliac sufferers will also find fish cakes, sausages, and many other gluten-free favourites back on the menu.

This family-owned business has been producing healthy fish and chips since 2008. The owner believes the secret lies not just in the buying the best produce possible, but also in what you do to that produce before it’s served across the counter.

“Our fish and chips are cooked the traditional way in 100% Irish beef dripping,” says David Wood. “Any food that we cook for those that have gluten intolerance is cooked in separate frying pans away from other batter mixes so there’s absolutely no cross-contamination of food stuffs or utensils.”

As well as providing gluten, wheat and dairy-free goods, all of the produce contains no additives or preservatives, just delicious flavours that everyone can enjoy.

This special range is already proving extremely popular. Fish and chip lovers from as far and wide as Glossop, Scarborough and Skegness are visiting Woody’s to savour a taste that some haven’t enjoyed for years.

While many travel to Barnsley for their fill of gluten-free fish and chips, Woody’s are also happy to deliver - free of charge (minimum order £50). For any event, from quiz nights to business meetings and care home lunches to christenings, they’ll bring the nation’s favourite food piping hot and right to your door. All deliveries are individually served in polystyrene trays and delivered in keep-warm bags to ensure the best fish and chips ever tasted.

Woody’s was established in Shafton by David Wood and his wife Helen. It didn’t take long for word to spread about the ‘best fish and chips around’, leading the couple to open a second Woody’s in Monk Bretton in 2009, and are delighted with their huge following from the coeliac community.

“It’s always nice to see and hear their reaction,” says Helen. “Most people that visit us either eat them there and then, either in the car park at our Monk Bretton store. They all tell us how good they are, that they’ll be back and that they’ll tell other sufferers.”

“What inspires us,” adds David, “is the belief that fish and chips can not only taste good, but do you good too, so everyone should be able to enjoy them.  Our fish and chips are very good for you – quality ingredients, full of flavour, and surprisingly low in fats.”

But there’s no point flying the flag for healthy food if the flavour is lacking - lettuce is good for you but doesn’t exactly make you drool. David knows that it’s a balance of maximising nutritional value while retaining the flavour that is the secret to his success.

 “We’re often asked why our fish tastes so good,” says David. “It’s quite simple, really. Our prime cod and haddock are caught in the pristine, ice-cold waters off Iceland from a fishery that has been certified as being sustainable.

The fish are filleted and frozen within four hours of being caught, on state-of-the-art fishing vessels. The speed with which these fish are frozen is the key, retaining all the moisture, flavour and pure white colour of ‘just caught fish’. Back at Woody’s, we then coat it in our very own thin batter, gluten-free for those on a coeliac diet and cook it to order at very high temperatures, in clean, fresh 100% Irish beef dripping.

This seals in the goodness of the fish, whilst minimising the fat content of the batter.”


The family’s aim is to keep serving proper fish and chips, the way they should be… served with a smile, in comfortable surroundings. David wants everybody to continue to enjoy natural, healthy and nutritious fish and chips, including those with a gluten-intolerance.


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